This blog has been a starter for me. I now, thanks to a few strategic moves (and a few extra dollars!) have moved my website to a provider which will allow me to create a blog directly connected to my website – Cheers!

I will no longer be using this blogging site.

I invite everyone who reads this (or any of my posts) to skip on over to where you will find all the awesome products available AND my new almost-every-Moonday blog – !

I am not a “blogger”, I will use that blog as a means to keep in contact with my customers, and of course anyone else who wishes to read about my adventures in my “factory”.

I will try to post something there every Moonday night, but I keep myself pretty busy so I make no guarantees  🙂

I look forward to hearing from everyone 🙂





All established customers are eligible to volunteer as Testers  🙂

(if you’re interested in becoming an established customer, and participating in future testings, contact me at 9712552868)

As you may well know, I have been working on a natural shampoo – for a few years now! I have hair down to my butt, so I am rather picky about my hair care products and I wasn’t going to ask others to try it until I was happy with it myself  🙂

Well, good news is here!

I am now looking for Testers for my new shampoo!

Remember to remind me of any allergies you may have, so we can avoid any discomfort.

Contact me if you are willing to try it out  🙂 9712552868



UPDATE –  Testers are already using my shampoo! And the preliminary results are – this shampoo rocks!

I am thinking it will be available on the website soon  🙂 Not sure what it will be named yet.


UPDATE –  The Testers have all agreed – Silken Shampoo out-performs the other shampoos available!  Labels are on the way, and you will be seeing Silken Shampoo available on the website before the end of October!

The new line of teas is coming along!

I currently am working to add at least 3 blends to the teas page of the website, before I add any.  I have one which all my testers really liked – it’s sort of a black&white tea blend, and the name Spirit has been given to it (and heartily approved by all the testers!).

Now, I have another blend which includes basil, rose, ginger, cinnamon, and apple.

I got great reviews on this one and these are the names that have been suggested:

  1. Bring it Home
  2. Sweet Surprise
  3. ProsperiTea

All are welcome to vote  🙂

And the one who offered the winning name will receive a free cup of Spirit!

UPDATE: And the winning name is … (drumroll) … Sweet Surprise!


And you can now find some Simple Sippers on the website!



I’ve been working with some absolutely crazy wonderful animals lately!  And I have managed to produce an oil blend that made Phoenix very pleased – and my testers gave it a rating of 10 as well!

This oil blend will help those looking to connect with the energies of the Phoenix as your Power Animal.

This oil, for the time being, will be available in a 15 ml. bottle. I am awaiting feedback from my established customers – then I will decide whether I will continue to offer Power Animal oils in this size bottle or if another size would be more suitable.

See ALL the Power Animal oils available here

OR go to the HOME page here –                                                                

Blessed Be,                                                                                                                                            Shiro

Merry Meet, Combining my love for natural products with my love of learning, I make correspondence candles, moon mists, perfumes, powders, lotions, and lathers... and other nifty items. I have for 23 years now. I formulate products under the phases of the Moon in order to welcome that energy into each of my creations. I use herbs, oils, and gemstones to aid in healing, guidance, etc. in mind, body and spirit. I use all natural ingredients whenever possible! To put it simply, I do everything I can think of to charge my products with the power of the Moon. A very strong force indeed! Moon phases, colors, herbs, oils, and gemstones all play their part. I take an inexpensive approach to packaging so that I can provide you with the best quality products at the lowest possible prices. I know you will find what you need ... that's why you're here.